Manage your entire business in one place by automatically syncing sales, inventory & customer data from Amazon, Shopify, eBay (and more!) to QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Sell in your shop or online, and never stock out.

Keep inventory counts accurate and reduce manual errors when you sync your sales, inventory & customer data from Amazon, Shopify, eBay (and more!) to QuickBooks Point of Sale.
Two-Way Sync

Update inventory in QuickBooks Point of Sale and across all online stores whenever a new purchase is made—so you never oversell.

Automatic Inventory Updates

Update inventory across all your sales channels when orders are refunded, cancelled or returned.

Webgility Pricing for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Pay annually - Save 20%

ECOM 100

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billed annually

100 monthly orders
2 sale channels
2 Users

ECOM 500

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billed annually

500 monthly orders
4 sale channels
4 Users


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billed annually

1,000 monthly orders
6 sale channels
6 Users


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billed annually

5,000 monthly orders
8 sale channels
8 Users


Additional sales channel


Additional users


Webgility Features for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Top marketplaces

You have a single, all-in-one solution that connects your QuickBooks POS to all the top ecommerce shopping carts and marketplaces seamlessly.

Order management

All your online order details are in one place, which takes the hassle out of monitoring and managing online transactions from multiple sites.

Reporting & analytics

You have one place for all your data—from your online and in-store sales channels—so you get the big picture, without the big headaches.

Inventory sync

With every sale—online and in-store—your inventory counts are updated in real time. Automatically, as often as every 5 minutes. Across all channels.

Product listing

New product listings and price changes the easy way: now you can post them directly from QuickBooks POS to your online sites.

White-glove onboarding

our dedicated implementation specialist will connect your sales channels and guide you through software training to set you up for success.

Syncs with QuickBooks POS

Online orders are automatically synced with QuickBooks Point of Sale, so you always have up-to-date information on your entire business.

Shipping & Fullfillment

Picking slips, packing labels, shipping labels: your shipping module automates all of it, and calculates the shipping rates, so you don’t have to.

Free support

Grow your online business with confidence. When you need account or technical support, we’re here for you. No extra charge.

60-day money back guarantee

If you're not 100% satisfied with your Ecommerce Integration Service, you can cancel within 60 days and we’ll refund any subscription fees.